Best and Easy Marathons For Beginners

If you are new to marathon running you will need to find the most friendly marathon for a beginner. Marathons are different, some are easy and others are hard. Marathons like Honolulu and New York city marathon may feel appealing and exciting to a newbie runner but the routes have several hilly sections that an inexperienced runner will find brutal and intense.

To make things easy for you, here is a selection of some of the best marathon races for beginners. Most of them have an excellent combination of flat course, perfect weather, good organization, crowd support and large number of average runners.

When looking for an easy marathon don’t just focus on the flatness of the course. Things such as an exciting crowd (runners & spectators) and good weather can make a route with a few hilly sections seem bliss. If you are just after a flat course, look at flat and fast marathon courses.

Best Marathons for Beginners

Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco

Not the flattest marathon. The course has some hilly sections but they will be no problem if you do proper training. This is a race targeted at female runners and naturally all 25,000 runners are women. Expect lots of female banter on the course. There is a bra exchange on mile 7, chocolate give aways at mile 22 and to crown your effort, firefighter dressed in tuxedo will hand you a cute Tiffany & Co necklace at the finish. The race is hosted every October. For details see

Disney Princess Half-Marathon

This race is designed for a “girlfriends only” type of weekend. It is a race every beginner runner can bring his girlfriends along. The 13.1-mile course winds through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot theme parks. For moral support, Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of your favorite Disney characters will be cheering you on as you make your way to the finish line to collect your tiara-shaped medal. The race is held every February. Race details at Disney Princess official site.

Marine Corps Marathon

The MCM is known as “The People’s Marathon” because it is open to all runners ages 14 and above and is the largest marathon that does not offer prize money. The course varies slightly from year to year but it is generally friendly to regular runners who make up the 30,000 participants. The race typically occurs on the final Sunday in October, a few weeks before the United States Marine Corps birthday on November 10. Race details at MCM official site.

Easy Marathon races for beginners or first time marathon runners

L.A Marathon

L.A. is the home of Hollywood and the organizers make an extra effort to make every runner feel somebody important at least for duration of your run. They provide personalized bibs (with your first name in big letters). Spectators will shouting your name while urging you on. Los Angeles marathon will leave felling a somebody!

Rock n Roll Marathon Series

Rock & roll marathons are a series of marathon that are held in major cities in America. They are held in Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, San Diego, St. Louis, Nashville, Washington, Miami etc. They have added to 3 races in Europe, Madrid in Spain, Dublin in Ireland and Edinburgh in Scotland. The series are famous for their style of fusing live music with running. Live bands are stationed along the routes to perform for runners. Imagine reaching at the half way mark and finding your favorite local band performing? They alos half marathon races and 10K race for those who a full marathon is not their cup of tea. To find a Rock and roll race near you go to competitor group website.

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