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A good half marathon training program/plan/schedule should contain all the aspects that are necessary to make you run with speed and endurance.

The plan should have days for easy runs, hard running, rest, strength training, long run and most importantly rest.

Your goal is to build up the strength and endurance in your thighs, heart and lungs. A half marathon training schedule helps you do this step by step.  Without a training plan you will do a lot of running and put too much stress on your joints and muscles. This may possibly trigger possible injury and a lot of soreness.

You can use your own custom made half marathon training plan or download a ready made half marathon training program from online experts.

Websites and Places To Download Free Half Marathon Training Plans in PDF Format

You can buy a half marathon training program online or you can get a free program from running websites. Just because they are free does not make them inferior. The free programs are as good as the commercial plans.


Developed by an Australian coach, Ben wesby. The 12 week program contains training tips and ideas for half marathon training. It covers the following areas :-

  1. Long runs for half marathon
  2. Interval training for half marathon
  3. Strength sessions for half marathon

Get a printable PDF file @Aussie site.


This is a top running website. You can download a printable PDF plan @website.


They are organizers of one of the biggest half marathon in Australia. You can download printable PDF @ Beginner plan and advanced schedule for anyone dreaming of finishing a half in under 1 hours 30 minutes.

Tips for Writing a Custom made half marathon training program

The alternative to buying or downloading a training plan is writing your own training schedule.

In drawing up a schedule that you use to train, you will want to start by focusing on pace. Pacing is very important and you will need to spend a lot of time to develop a competitive pace. If you run at a slow pace, you will take a long time to finish a race, but if you aim at a high and comfortable pace, you will be able to finish on your target time. Lets say you aim at 5 minutes a kilometre. On race day you won’t have to worry about running faster or whether you are running slowly because you know if you stick at 5 min/km, you will be able to finish in 1 hour 20 minutes.

The amount of weeks you spend training is also very important. The rule of thumb for training duration is 12 – 16 weeks. Anything short of this will leave you under trained and under prepared. Anything more than 16 weeks may lead to over training and fatigue.

Your training diary should consist of a set distance for each day. Your plan should start with low mileage in the first week and then gradually increase the distance as the week progress. By doing this you can avoid any physical shock to your body that could result from moving along too quickly in your training.

How many miles you run per week will depend on your experience and goals. A runner who is aiming to finish a 21K race in 45 minutes will need to run more miles per week than a runner who is aiming a modest time of 2 hours. The more miles you cover per week the faster you will run.

Lastly, make a provision for plenty of rest and relaxation in your half marathon running schedule. Have rest days clearly marked in your training diary. Don’t underestimate the importance of rest. Resting is a vital part of training for a race. When you spend so much time running the muscles in your body get worn out and stretched to their limit. To avoid any injuries, you should rest for two days every week.

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    Great article, I couldn’t agree more, you need a quality plan and track it by writing it down so you have a good idea how you are going over time

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