How P90X Can Make You A Better Runner

Although P90X is popular among gym rats, it can also used by runners to improve their running performance. P90X was developed for people who are already fit and want to get more from their work out. Runners who are interested in running faster can use the program to build muscle strength  and power.

The program alone won’t make you a better runner. Running is still an aerobic activity and you need to do the hard road running for your training. P90X comes in as part of your cross training activity. It complements your regular running.

P90X program consists of 12 work outs that are performed over 90 days. The work outs come in 12 DVDs. Each DVD covers a specific work out routine. The work outs that I cover here are those that may be beneficial for runners.

P90X Work Outs That are Beneficial for Runners.

  1. Chest and Back
  2. Plyometrics
  3. Legs and Back
  4. Stretch
  5. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
  6. Shoulders and Arms
  7. Core Synergistics
  8. Ab Ripper X

P90X, Upper Body Work outs : Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms

Although running is all about the legs, the upper body is also very important. Famed American coach, Alberto Salazar explained the importance of building upper body strength when he revealed how he transformed British athlete, Mo Farah, from an average runner to a gold medal winner at 2012 Summer Games.

These upper body routines in P90X consists of of push ups, pull ups, and various arm, chest and back exercises. These exercises will help you develop a leaner, stronger and more flexible upper body that will enhance your running efficiency. The fact is, a runner carrying too much fat on the upper body will run at a slower pace than a runner with a leaner upper body.

P90X : Lower Body exercises, Legs and Back

The leg muscles are the muscles that are most active during running. If you want to tun faster and further you will need add leg strengthening exercises to your training. The lower body work outs in P90X are designed to strengthen your quads, hamstring and calves. The exercises consist of lunges, squats, calf raises.

P90X : Stretch

Doing stretching after running is very important. Stretching helps to ease muscle fatigue by relaxing tight muscles and increasing blood flow to the muscles. Stretching is also a good exercise to minimize running injuries. Check out article on Stretching for speed.

P90X : Core exercise

The core is also important because it connects the lower body with the upper body. The AB Ripper and Core Synergistics are good work outs that can go a long way to building a runners core strength. These core work outs help to build a strong abdominal and lower back. A strong core will help a runner maintain a good running posture and improve his running efficiency.

P90x Plyometrics

Plyometrics exercises are all about increasing running speed. The P90X DVD on Plyometrics consists an assortment of jumps, squats, leaps and other movement exercises to develop leg strength, explosiveness and cardiovascular fitness.

P90X is a program that can benefit runners by making them stronger and more efficient as well as improving overall fitness.

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