How To Choose The Best Running Shoe For Your Foot Type

The shoes is the important gear for a runner. Choose the right shoe and you will run faster and injury free. Choose the wrong shoe and you will suffer unending injuries. Every runner has a different type of foot and it is important to know the type of foot you have so that you can buy the shoe that matches your foot.

Running shoe manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas, Brooks, New Balance, Asics, Puma, Reebok, Newton e.t.c make shoes to match different types of feet.

How to determine foot type: The Wet Test

If you don’t know your foot type, here is a 3 steps guide for discovering your foot type. It is called the wet test. The idea is simple, you just deep your foot on a basin of water and then place it on a piece of paper.

1st step: Dip your foot into a basin of water with your right or left foot. Dip it into the water up to your ankle level to make sure your foot is wet, but not too soaked in water.

2nd step: Remove the foot and step on slowly onto the dry surface, I prefer a piece of paper. Place the foot for a few seconds before completely picking it up.

3rd step: examine the footprint on the paper surface; you should see any of this image.

arch type
After knowing your foot type you will know the best type of running shoe for you.

Matching Your Foot Type to The Right Shoe

Normal Foot Type

Normal foot is also known as neutral foot. As you can see in the image above, the normal foot leaves a footprint with a moderately-sized band connecting the forefoot and the heel. If this is the your foot type you should wear stability shoes.

Stability running shoes are specifically designed for the normal or neutral foot type.Although they might feel rigid, they provide shock-absorbing cushioning-which is very helpful when running.

Flat Foot Type

A flat foot is when leave an imprint of the whole surface area of your foot. The heel and the ball of the foot are all connected together. Runners who have this type of foot tend to suffer more injuries and lower foot problems.  The best type of running shoe a flat footed runner is motion control shoes.

Motion control shoes tend to be heavy and rigid but they are very durable. They are designed to makes it difficult for the foot to turn when rolling inward.

High Arched Foot Type

This foot imprint is the most curvy. There is little or no connection between the forefoot and the heel. This type of runners tend to roll their foot outwards when running. If this is your foot type you should go with a shoe designed to absorb that extra outward pressure.

The best shoe for a high arched foot is cushion shoes. Cushion shoes are designed with advanced stability and cushioning properties. They offer the most flexibility compared to the other running shoes.

Finally, remember what I said at the beginning “Choose the right shoe and you will run faster and injury free. Choose the wrong shoe and you will suffer unending injuries.”

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