Shoes That Make You Run Faster

Running shoe manufacturers are now releasing shoes that are designed to make you run faster. These new generation of running shoes are not just marketing gimmicks, some of them have been proven to increase running speed. The speed increment is not monumental but significant enough to make a difference for someone trying to qualify for Boston Marathon.

Here is a look at shoes that make you run faster.

The Reebok ZigTech

Research done in Australia showed an elite athlete might save four to five minutes over a marathon in the shoes compared with an average running shoe. Tests on the Reebok ZigTech showed the shoes returned energy to the runner and helped propel them forward.

Reebok zigtech

The sole is comprised of Zigs with enhanced rubber angled backward at 20 degrees, enabling the shoe to take heavy vertical and horizontal impacts and grip the road. The shoes are the latest addition in a new line of energy boosting shoes.

Adidas Energy Boost


This is another energy shoe. According to Adidas, this new shoe is made of revolutionary new Boost material. It’s replacing a years-old industry standard of EVA foam, which is found in, according to Adidas, 90 to 95 percent of all running shoes. The big breakthrough—or claim, anyway—is that it returns a ton of energy while remaining comfortable.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11


This shoe doesn’t claim to make you run faster but it is designed to minimize the agony of running. With this shoe you can concentrate on running without worrying about pinching, binding, or hot spots with the Adrenaline’s “stay-put tongue” and moisture-managing mesh that “keeps feet ventilated.” Denser foam at the instep and a firm plastic insert in the midsole improve stability too.

Nike Lunarelite+2


The LunarElite has a “snug but not-too-tight fit,” says a frequent racer. A firm, responsive midsole and dense foam at the instep help mild over pronators “stay balanced” so they can “concentrate on going fast.” And “these shoes quicken the tempo of every run,” says one speedster, and also make “interval training a (relative!) joy.” The “supercute” upper has a combo of mesh and featherweight paneling that “holds the foot securely and eliminates rubbing,” adds a medal-winning racer.

Adidas Adizero Ageis 2


The “light” and “glove-like” Aegis 2 makes running feel”effortless,” according to one 10K-er who notched a personal record wearing the shoe. The upper provides “outstanding ventilation,” reports an ultrarunner, and a frequent runner raves that the “bright pink rocks!” A long-distance pavement pounder adds that the low profile sneaker is “ideal for someone transitioning to a minimalist shoe,” and helps “eliminate knee pain” and “keep feet stable.”

It is important to seeker further advice from shoe experts before you order one of these shoes. There are so many tips that you can find out there. The information that you will most likely find will help you gain confidence with whatever type of shoes you will choose to purchase.

Lastly, these shoes are not the end of running. To be able to run faster and with endurance you must do the heavy work of training. These shoes will complement the speed work, running of hills, intervals and the long run that you will do.

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